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Julia Ossenbruegge, Marketing Manager 

Julia Ossenbruegge worked as Marketing Manager for Craft Scotland from September 2013 to May 2017. You can find out more about the role she played in our team below.

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Julia OssenbrueggeWhat do you do at Craft Scotland? 

As Marketing Manager for Craft Scotland I am responsible for planning and delivering Craft Scotland’s marketing and communication activities.

My time at Craft Scotland is spent planning and delivering our marketing campaigns. My role also involves exploring new technology and opportunities for online marketing and growth.

How do you help Scottish craft or makers?

I look after the Craft Scotland website and our social networks - which both aim to showcase contemporary craft from Scotland. I also promote our own projects and events and send out our monthly newsletter.

I connect with people and places online for Craft Scotland, forging relationships and creating opportunities.

What are your top three professional achievements?

  1. Working on a number of website launches and social media campaigns and seeing how these attracted more visitors and engagement than ever before.
  2. Bringing together multi-channel marketing campaigns and trialling new approaches, especially online. 
  3. Being able to apply my marketing skills in a variety of environments ranging from the cultural world to financial services and higher education.

What are your top three craft moments?

  1. Joining Craft Scotland and attending our conference in Dundee in 2013 where I made my first ring in the beautiful Vanilla Ink studios.
  2. Our 2015 showcase at SOFA in Chicago and working with a bunch of lovely people out there. 
  3. Any moment that's spent admiring beautiful objects - and occasionally adding to my own little collection. 

What are your top five skills tags?

  1. marketing
  2. events management
  3. digital and online
  4. customer experience
  5. project management

What's your background?

I started my career in arts and event management when I was a student and it has been a passion ever since. I studied Modern History and Film and whilst completing my Master’s degree in Newcastle I fell in love with Edinburgh and moved here in 2008. I spent my first festival season working as Marketing & Press Assistant for the Edinburgh International Book Festival before I took up contract roles in financial services, higher education and international recruitment. From 2009 to early 2016 I also served on the council of the Edinburgh Film Guild, the world’s longest continually running film society.

I am thrilled to be back in the arts and really enjoy promoting Scottish craft.

Tell us something surprising about you:

I love a good picture book and once made friends with the Gruffalo.

Finally, what's your favourite beverage?

Coffee in the morning and a glass of red at night.

Julia Ossenbruegge

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