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Craft Scotland at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show

Craft Scotland appeared as Guest Country at the 35th Annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, a prestigious position that is by invitation only. 

The PMA Craft Show took place from November 10 to November 13 2011 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Craft Scotland presented 25 talented Scottish makers and their work.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show is arguably the best show of its kind in North America. It has taken place every year since 1977 with more than 1,300 people applying for 195 booth positions every year. 

As Guest Country, Craft Scotland had a prime space at the 2011 PMA Craft show. As well as presenting the 25 makers selected to participate in the show, we had our own Craft Scotland booth to showcase the makers back in Scotland who couldn't come with us.

Find out more about the Scottish PMA Craft Show makers

Meet the 25 talented makers from Scotland who travelled to the USA for the 2011 Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show.

The makers who took part were:

Take a look at our photographs from the PMA Craft Show 2011:

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