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Craft World Café: co-creating a vision for craft in Scotland

Craft Scotland - World Craft Cafe - Vision for Scottish Craft

In April this year, craft professionals came together to co-create a vision for craft in Scotland for the next ten years. 

The aim of the day was to create meaningful, transformative conversations about the future of craft. Roanne Dods facilitated the event.

The World Café is a simple, flexible format for hosting a large group discussion. It allows everyone to have an equal voice and opportunity to contribute. The day’s format allowed participants to generate ambitious (but achievable) ideas and projects. Throughout the day, the team recorded the participant’s thoughts and these have been collated and shared on the website.    

This event is being promoted by the Craft Curators’ Network (CCN), a group of individuals involved in the development of the craft sector in Scotland, funded by Creative Scotland. The project has been developed by Roanne Dods with the support of the CCN. The onsite organisation of the Craft World Café was managed by Craft Scotland.

The findings to date from the Craft World Café have been released on

For the next stage of this project, the Craft Curators Network has invited Panel to build upon the outcomes of the Craft World Café. Working with outcomes from the day, Panel has proposed the development of a 'Manifesto for Craft in Scotland' - a declaration of intentions, motives and views, working through Roanne’s inspiring and rigorous vision and the significant information gathered on the day. In order to develop the Manifesto, Panel would like to engage with more people from Scotland’s craft community so that they can widen the scope and network of ideas and responses. 

Give them your input to drive this forward.

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