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Meet Your Maker brings the makers to you. We work in partnership with exciting venues around Scotland (and beyond) to host makers in novel spaces. Meet Your Maker is a rolling programme of demonstrations, showcases and workshops. Our events are a chance to get involved: see makers’ skills up close and personal; you might even try their techniques yourself. 

During our Meet Your Maker events you’ll get to see behind the scenes of a maker’s practice. You can learn more about their design process. See the skill, commitment and creativity involved in creating a piece of work. Sneak an insider’s look at the range of techniques our makers use.

Be inspired by makers embracing heritage skills to develop their contemporary pieces. Discover how cutting-edge technologies can sit alongside traditional techniques. This year’s Meet Your Maker programme will focus on new and existing partnerships that uncover makers who are working innovatively.

For 2016 our Meet Your Maker programme was part of the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design 2016.

Can't make it to an event? Want to know more? Follow our Meet Your Maker programme across social media using the hashtag #meetyourmaker.

Meet Your Maker 2016/17

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Stirling Castle

Earlier events from 2016/17

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The History of Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker has grown from an original Craft Scotland project which brought the skills of quality craft makers into the public eye. 

The programme began life as an exhibition in partnership with the National Museum of Scotland in 2010. It has since included maker demonstrations at our Summer Show, pop-up events at Dovecot Studios' Selected exhibition, our national Meet Your Maker weekend event in September 2013, and now our rolling project: a series of events in partnership with different venues throughout the year.

Meet Your Maker at the National Museum of Scotland ran from 29 January to 14 March 2010. The work of nine makers from different craft disciplines was on display alongside sketches, videos and details of their work processes.

From 21 May to 28 June 2010 we took Meet Your Maker to Timespan in Helmsdale, where we showed five contemporary craft makers working in textiles, ceramics, jewellery, weaving and bookbinding.

On 7 and 8 September 2013, seventeen makers gave a rare, behind-the-scenes look at their craft work. Eight venues across the country, committed to the support and promotion of Scottish craft, partnered with Craft Scotland to deliver an exciting weekend-long event. Meet Your Maker 2013 was supported by the Hugh Fraser Foundation and Creative Scotland.

For 2014/15 we partnered with 15 different venues, including working with the National Trust for Scotland at Culzean Castle, The Glasgow School of Art Shop and St Andrews Museum. Each venue hosted Meet Your Maker events as part of their own annual programmes. The unique events coincided with exhibitions, festivals or were part of a dedicated Meet Your Maker residency. In 2015/16 we continued our rolling programme, growing our project to encompass 27 events and creating opportunities for over 60 makers. We worked with the Edinburgh Zoo, partnered with a group of makers for an event during Aberdeen’s inaugural Look Again festival, and developed the project to encompass events for wider audiences: working with community groups from Artlink Central and bringing Meet Your Maker to Corton Vale Prison in Stirling. You can find out more about our events and some of the venues we worked with from the last year here.


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