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Choi Keeryong at SOFA Chicago 2014

Choi Keeryong Making

Choi Keeryong creates pieces of blown glass decorated using an ‘inlaid colouring’ technique which is combined with locally manufactured porcelain.

Choi is originally from South Korea and trained in ceramics and metal smithing. He moved to Scotland in 2006 where he started working with glass during his Masters at Edinburgh College of Art. After completing the course, he continued working with the medium during his residency at the college for two years.

In 2010 he started his PhD research in glass and developed the ‘inlaid colouring’ technique that is significantly inspired by the ancient Korean ceramic technique ‘Sanggam’. The combination of blown glass and the locally manufactured porcelain elements reflect his immigrant experience in Scotland and the juxtaposition between British pottery and Korean glass.

Choi has exhibited his work throughout Europe, including at the Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh and Contemporary Applied Arts in London.

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Choi Keeryong portrait

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