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Kathryn Hinton at SOFA Chicago 2014

Kathryn Hinton Portrait

Silversmith Kathryn Hinton focuses on merging traditional techniques with digital technology to create faceted silverware.

After gaining a first-class honours degree in silversmithing and jewellery from Kent Institute of Art and Design, Kathryn went onto complete a Masters at the Royal College of Art in London, following which she stayed to continue with an MPhil research project entitled ‘The craft of digital tooling’.

Through the research project Kathryn developed a user interface in the form of a hammer that works alongside computer aided design software to mimic the physical actions of silversmithing, in particular the hammering process used in forming sheet metal. The process provides a new layer of interaction between the hand and computer.

The faceted silverware and wooden bowls are designed using this process and realised through Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling and press forming.

Kathryn’s work has been exhibited widely throughout the UK and internationally.

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