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Lara Scobie at SOFA Chicago 2014

Lara Scobie Portrait

Lara Scobie produces exquisitely decorated ceramics that celebrate her love of pattern and form.

Lara graduated from Camberwell Art College in London, before going on to complete a degree in Ceramics from Edinburgh College of Art. She is also a fellow of the Craft Potters Association of Great Britain.

By integrating drawing, surface mark making and volume Lara plays with the balance of space and pattern alongside hue and texture on both the decorated and void surface areas. There is also a balance between composition and form, absence and presence, allowing Lara to express her creative voice in exciting ways.

Balance is a recurring theme in Lara’s work with her current collection exploring the dynamic interplay between form and surface.

Lara’s work has been widely exhibited throughout Europe and she has received many awards throughout her career, including Premier winner of The Fletcher Challenge in New Zealand.

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