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Morag Macpherson at SOFA Chicago 2014

Morag Macpherson Portrait

From her Kirkcudbright studio textile artist Morag Macpherson creates surface pattern, digitally printed and patchworked as artwear, fabric and accessories.

Morag was a Graphic Artist for many years before the advent in digital technology allowed her line illustrations and unusual colour combinations to evolve as textiles.

Morag’s practice begins with surface pattern creation with the concept of each pattern’s story integral to the finished piece. Influences for imagery and rendering come from art history, different cultures and natural and urban formations. She enjoys photography and uses her own images within her collection. Her work is digitally printed, to allow for complete freedom of colour expression with the final part of the process involving patchworking.

This year sees Morag in a major collaboration with Scottish Couturier, Sandra Murray MBE. Together they have produced a hand-patchworked kimono hanging in silk, with an exclusive design, created especially for SOFA Chicago.

Morag has recently been commissioned by Hyatt Hotels, New York where she was privileged to work with esteemed interior designer Paul Vega. Her fabrics and commissions also adorn private residencies from California to Chicago.

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