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Thomas Hopkins Gibson at SOFA Chicago 2014

Thomas Hopkins Gibson Portrait

Thomas Hopkins Gibson uses timber from ancient trees to create large scale forms which are allowed to twist and crack.

After many years as a carpenter, Thomas returned to college to obtain a first-class honours degree from the University of Cumbria. He majored in ceramics but allowed his experience of wood to influence his ceramic forms. Today, Thomas works both in ceramics and wood.

His collection of wood vessels for SOFA Chicago are made with timber sourced from Dumfries House Estate near to where he grew up. The estate was designed by Robert Adams and is now owned by a consortium of charities headed by HRH The Prince of Wales.

Thomas works in “green” wood using timber straight from trees not normally destined for the saw mill, either due to its scale or faults. The history of the tree can be seen in the finished forms as the wood is allowed to twist and crack. Silver repairs and inclusions highlight and celebrate these faults and marks.

A grant from the Scottish Arts Council allowed Thomas to set up a business as the subject of a TV show after which he was thrust into the limelight with his work being picked up by Liberty London.

His work can also be found in various galleries throughout the UK as well as Calvin Klein New York and Club Monaco South Hampton.

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