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The Craft Scotland Summer Show 2014 - London and Edinburgh

See the best in Scottish craft this summer at the Craft Scotland Summer Show

Admire table-worthy ceramics, vibrant textiles, beautiful jewellery and more

Buy an affordable piece of craft and celebrate the hand-made with us

Craft Scotland ran two Summer Shows in 2014 - in June we presented a showcase at Craft Central in London before returning to White Stuff in Edinburgh for the second time during August.

Summer Show Edinburgh

The show ran from 01 to 23 August at White Stuff on George Street. For more on the show (including images and a short film) have a look at our round-up

Work by Summer Show Edinburgh makers

Find out more about the Summer Show makers

Take a look at our Summer Show Edinburgh makers creating incredible craft for the home and to wear.

Meet Your Maker Events

In our special 'Meet Your Maker' purpose-built living room area outside White Stuff's George Street Emporium, we present special talks and demos from Summer Show makers. Take a look at the Summer Show Meet Your Maker schedule.

About White Stuff

White Stuff is a fashion and lifestyle brand selling women’s and men’s clothing and accessories in over 85 UK shops and online.

Founded in 1985 the brand puts ‘happiness in every stitch’ of what they do.

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Summer Show London

The show ran from 11 to 21 June at Craft Central, 33-35 St John's Square, Clerkenwell, London. For more on the show (including images) have a look at our round-up

Work by Summer Show London makers

Meet the Summer Show London makers

Take a look at our Summer Show London makers creating incredible craft for the home and to wear.

About Craft Central

Craft Central is a place where things happen. People get inspired. Creative businesses flourish and a community of designers and makers talk, meet and swap ideas. Put simply, Craft Central is a destination for those involved in craft who want to get somewhere, make something happen and see things differently.

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Photographs from the Summer Show in Edinburgh :

Short Film from the Edinburgh Summer Show:

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