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Meet Your Maker at the Craft Scotland Summer Show 2014

Every day at the Craft Scotland Summer Show, there are talented makers on hand to talk about their work.

In our special 'Meet Your Maker' purpose-built living room area outside White Stuff's George Street Emporium, we present special talks and demos from Summer Show makers. Take a look at the Summer Show Meet Your Maker schedule:

Saturday 02 August, 3 – 5pm: Lucy Roscoe

‘Sculptural Books’

Watch Lucy making her beautiful pop-up book forms and ask her questions about her practice. You’ll also get the chance to make one yourself to take away.

Sunday 03 August, 3 – 5 pm: Eleanor Symms


Eleanor’s work combines ‘found’ materials with precious metals and gemstones to make unique pieces of jewellery.  Come and find out how she sources materials, designs and makes her pieces.

Tuesday 05 August, 3 – 5pm: Grainne Morton

‘Nostalgic Gems’

Collaging together found objects (vintage cabochons, buttons and gems) Grainne will be showing you how she creates her lively and exquisite jewellery.

Thursday 07 August, 3 – 5pm: Cheryl Smith

‘Reclaimed Wood and Scottish Textiles

Cheryl Smith will demonstrate how she turns reclaimed wood and recycled Scottish textiles into unique and quirky rural scenes, with tweed roofed cottages, textile topped trees and hand-stitched sheep.

Saturday 09 August, 3 – 5pm: Christina Hirst

‘Capturing Nature in Metal’

Come along and find out how Christina translates her inspiration into designs for jewellery. Watch as she demonstrates modelling in metal clay to create natural textures and forms in metal.

Sunday 10 August, 3 – 5pm: Jo Walker

‘A Bird in the Hand’

From a ball of clay to a finished piece; Jo will give a step-by-step demonstration of hand-building and decorating her clay birds and other items.

Tuesday 12 August, 3 – 5pm: Cameron Duguid

‘Piece by Piece’

Cameron will demonstrate the processes involved in making his distinctive polygon brooches. There will also be the opportunity to create your own.

Thursday 14 August, 3 – 5pm: James Donald

‘The Weft Stuff’

James will talk about his practice and demonstrate weaving on his four shaft table loom.

Saturday 16 August, 3 – 5pm: Nicola Morrison

‘Texture, Punch, Drill’ 

Nicola will be demonstrating how she creates textures on precious metals and constructs pieces of her jewellery.  

Sunday 17 August, 3 – 5pm: Bryony Knox

‘Tin Tales’

Bryony will be turning fizzy drinks cans into creatures and characters inspired by nursery rhyme and fable. You can join in and make an owl brooch too!

Tuesday 19 August, 3 – 5pm: Aubin Stewart

‘Pierce It!’

Aubin will demonstrate saw piercing using sheet metal, perspex and recycled materials.

Thursday 21 August, 3 – 5pm: Ursula Hunter

‘Make a Linoprint’

Ursula will give an introduction to lino cutting and printing for adults. You can even make your own linoprint on paper to take away.

Saturday 23 August, 3 – 5pm: Line Mortensen 

‘Mosaic Making’

In this session Line talks about her approach to mosaics, mosaic making and gives an inside to the tools, techniques and materials she uses in her work.

*As these sessions are outside they will only go ahead weather permitting! Check Twitter for updates.

Meet Your Maker at the Summer Show

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