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Any events that run after Sunday 30 April 2017 or opportunities with deadlines after Sunday 30 April 2017 will not be accepted whilst we carry out work.

We encourage you to come back and add your 2017 events and opportunities once our updates are complete.

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You can also find out more information on our News pages

Use our form below to submit details of your craft event to our What's On pages

Please enter as much detail as possible for your craft exhibition, workshop, class, shop, open studio or other craft event. 

Craft Scotland list events which showcase, demonstrate or teach high-quality contemporary craft. Events should be run by, showcase the work of, or have a strong connection to at least one professional maker who is producing quality, contemporary work. Events may also be endorsed or run by a professional organisation of makers. 

We will list eligible events related to the following craft mediums: ceramics, glass, textiles, millinery, furniture, jewellery, metalwork, wood, lettering, musical instrument making, bookbinding, paper making, basket making, willow weaving, mosaics, heritage craft, and printing on fabric/glass/ceramics (limited productions). We do not publish events which purely relate to painting, drawing, photography, printing on paper, taxidermy, candle, soap or cake making, or stationery and jewellery made by the assembly of bought-in materials. Events outside our remit will not be added to the site.

Tips for submissions:

  • Do not write all in uppercase or all lowercase letters as this is hard to read and will not be published
  • Please ensure that you provide a detailed description, and do not rely on an image to provide details
  • Please ensure that your description includes opening times, costs, and details of any recurrence (i.e. for a night class taking place each wednesday)
  • Eligible information entered will be displayed in the public What's On area of the site, and so address and contact details should preferably be for the event venue (if appropriate)

Craft Scotland will review your submission, and may edit it for spelling, grammatical or other purposes.

Incomplete or unsuitable events will not be published. 

If you are looking to update or delete an event already listed on the site, please email the details to

PLEASE NOTE: For security purposes, the system allows you around 30 minutes to complete this form. We recommend composing your description on a separate programme, then refreshing this page before you start. 


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