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  1. Take part in Banff's COAST Festival
    Take part in Banff's COAST Festival
    From: 06/02/2015 To: 06/02/2015

    The festival organisers are looking for artists who work with conventional or unconventional 2D and 3D visual art and craft media, (sound, light, interactive, audio-visual) who would be interested in taking part in an event at COAST Festival, Banff.

    Banff Castle, Castle Street, Banff AB45 1DL
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  2. Aberdeen City Visual Artists and Craft Makers Awards 2015
    From: 22/02/2015 To: 22/02/2015

    In partnership with Creative Scotland, Aberdeen City Council has established two award schemes as a means of assisting individual artists and makers. Funds of up to £1,500 are available to help towards the immediate costs of researching, creating and presenting new work or advancing skills, technical ability and ideas.

    Aberdeen City
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