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#AskOStreet: Branding Q&A on Twitter for the Craft Scotland Conference


To pre-empt their inspirational session at our Conference, we’ve politely asked brand gurus and Craft Scotland Conference speakers O Street to answer your questions about branding yourself. We know marketing yourself can be a tough part of running your own craft business, so here's your chance to put your questions to these brand strategy pros. 

David Freer

David Freer will be answering your branding questions over on Twitter, using the hashtag #AskOStreet on Tuesday 13 September, 12pm to 1pm.

Want to know if your brand name is catchy? Hints on cohesive branding ideas? Have a logo, but want to know what else you need for a good brand? #AskOStreet next Tuesday! And because that will never be enough, you can come along to hear more of what O Street have to say at the Craft Scotland Conference on Friday 7 October 2016, in Dundee.

With a client list including Spotify, Brewdog and National Galleries Scotland, we thought you might like the opportunity to pick the brains of our soon-to-be Conference speakers, O Street.

At the Craft Scotland Conference 2016, David Freer and Ed Watt will be talking about their latest project, Roadliners, a film all about the uncelebrated typographers of the road, craftsmanship and inspiration. The film is so good, it brought a Glaswegian roadliner to joyful tears. Their talk will touch on the inspiration behind O Street's recent re-branding and how to go about making a typeface.

image: David Freer, O Street

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