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Craft Scotland website update March 2012 - Laura's Blog

It’s been a few months since I last wrote a blog post about the website, and there have been quite a few updates. Here are details on a few of the bigger changes I've made online recently.

Friday Films

I've enjoyed researching and writing up my Films for Friday blog posts, and it's been great to get positive feedback about them on Facebook and Twitter. Do keep sending me links to films you like (whether you made them or happened to see them) and I'll add them to my Friday Film list. 

Website banners

As regular visitors will notice, we have new header images on the website sections.

The images/makers are:

What’s On

I’ve redesigned our What’s On area, and done some work on categorizing the events that are listed.

You can now see events for each area of Scotland (split over the 16 Scottish areas we use), view exhibitions on their own, or take a look at a new ‘Learn Craft’ section that details all submitted craft classes and courses (there are lots of them on the site just now).

The new What’s On mini homepage outlines all the main sections on this part of the site, and has featured craft events. Take a look at our What's On area.


I’ve created a new list on twitter which acts as a directory for twitter friends with a Craft Scotland profile. See our craft people and places list on Twitter.

If you have a profile page and follow us on twitter, but don’t see yourself here, just send us a tweet and we’ll add you. 

I'm working on a few plans for the website just now and will be putting out calls for contributions at the start of April - look out for another blog post then.

Laura Anderson
Online Marketing Manager

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