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It’s been another busy week or two, with a variety of exhibition visits and a few newsletters going out.

Last week, subscribers should have received both a Maker Opportunities bulletin and an Inside Craft Scotland newsletter. We had a few technical hitches with our CMS so there was a slight delay in my being able to send these, but it all worked out fine in the end. It was lovely being able to focus on millinery, and we’ve had a fair bit of feedback on the features so far. Next month we’ll be looking at ceramics, and I’ve invited our registered ceramicists to take part in our mini-maker profiles to help the public learn more about their craft.

I visited the Scottish Lettercutters Association exhibition and the Scottish Furniture Makers exhibition on Friday, which were both excellent exemplars of Scottish craft.

The Lettercutters exhibition, Cutting Words, was situated on Regent Street, Edinburgh, and showed the culmination of three years’ work by the members. With lettering in stone, wood and glass cut both by hand and sandblasted, the work was varied but always of the highest quality. The exhibition was split between the calm of the gallery space and the long garden behind, which lent it a special, peaceful feel. It was lovely to be able to not only see the beautiful work on display, but also chat with some of the makers.

I attended the first leg of The Scottish Furniture Makers exhibition, which was held at Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh. This was another inspiring space, which suited the range of styles and sizes of furniture on display, as well as the different woods used in the craft. Makers were again on hand to chat to the public about their techniques, which added an extra element to the visit. The exhibition has now moved to Glasgow’s Collins Gallery, and I would highly recommend a visit.

In the meantime, here are some of my photographs from both the Scottish Lettercutters Association exhibition and the Scottish Furniture Makers exhibition: 

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