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Final sign offs and visits - blog by Rebecca

The arrival of Autumn has found me sheltering in the office for the last couple of weeks, knuckling down to my to do lists.

The Craft Scotland Audience Development Strategy has been signed off. Please do have a read if you’d like, or you can see my presentation from the AGM on YouTube. I’d welcome any partnership opportunities or feedback so do get in touch if anything catches your eye.

Something else which I’m delighted to say has been signed off is our Partnership Agreement with Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and the submission form for Conserving Ecologies: Craft and Biodiversity. We received an overwhelming response to the register of interest and are looking forward to receiving makers applications. 

The Conserving Ecologies exhibition has created much interest within and outwith the craft sector, provoking a lot of fascinating discussions. I had one such discussion with Dr Emilia Ferraro, Lecturer in Sustainable Development at St Andrews University, whilst in the Shetland Isles. She subsequently sent me this link to a documentary they made at St. Andrews over the summer on biodiversity. Although the original audience was academic accountants, I found it incredibly interesting and relevant to what we aim to explore through the Conserving Ecologies exhibition.

I met with Susan Harkins from Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce last week. A great contact to make, we’d both like to see makers using the Chamber more. As such you’ll see more opportunities from them going up on our website such as their free ‘Smart Explorer’ roadshows which are designed to inspire organisations to think about exporting and also to see what help is available through Smart Exporter free of charge for the next 2 years.

We also had a rather exciting visit this week from Keith Brown, Minister for Skills and Life Long Learning who came to meet our interns. Check out our Flickr pics of the day.

I also made it out of the office last week, to the lovely Jerwood Contemporary Makers exhibition at the Dovecot Studios here in Edinburgh. A fascinating array of pieces were presented on minimal car tyre pedestals. It’s well worth the visit but if you can’t make it you can enjoy some of our pictures from the evening.

I’m looking forward to getting out and about a bit more over the next few weeks and meeting with people about Audience Development projects in the pipeline…watch this space.

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