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There's no place like home - blog post by Laura

As the sun shines on Leith on this lovely Friday afternoon, the Craft Scotland team all work away at their new desks, enjoying the calm and quiet of our new office.

We had a great time last Friday at the AGM, thank you so much to everyone who came. I made up a short film as part of the presentation which documents a year in the life of craftscotland – I’ll put this up on the site next week – but left the speeches to Emma, Rebecca, and Lisa Bayne from Artful Home. Apart from a quick dash to fix a presentation I stayed behind a desk, tweeting and taking photos (which you can see on our Flickr account).

It was great to hear Emma and Rebecca talk about their plans for the year ahead: while I’ve heard their presentations in the office it was lovely hearing them in a room filled with people. Lisa was (as expected!) a very interesting and motivating speaker, and I am delighted that we will be able to share a video of her talk with you in the next week or so.

After the weekend, we leapt straight into the office move, and have spent most of this week packing, unpacking, cleaning, building furniture, organising things, and generally getting our new workplace in order. Save a mountain of boxes awaiting recycling and a few odds and ends, we are almost there. I’ve posted photos from the move to Flickr, and will follow these up with more when the packaging has gone and the office is tidy.

We’re all back online now, but please bear with us if you are awaiting a reply to a query. If you are concerned that an email may have gone astray, do just send it over again and we’ll get in touch with you.

Links for the week:

And here are some photos of the new office:

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