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Meet Your Maker: A National Celebration of Scottish Craft Making

This year our Meet Your Maker programme showcased makers who use innovative technologies and design processes for the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design 2016. Working in partnership with exciting venues around Scotland, Meet Your Maker brings the makers to you. It is your chance to get involved, see the makers’ skills up close and personal and maybe even try their techniques out yourself. 

2016 has brought lots of inspiring Meet Your Maker events all around Scotland. Couldn't make it, why not watch our films below and catch-up to see what you missed!

Architecturally-Inspired Ceramics at Hospitalfield's Meet Your Maker

The Meet Your Maker event at Hospitalfield coincided with their Autumn Season open weekend in August 2016. Members of the public came along to see The Dancing Stones, new sculptural works by James Rigler, and hear all about James' innovative approach to making. 

James Rigler makes large, architecturally-inspired ceramic and mixed-media works that attempt to decode the hierarchies within objects and buildings. Often using highly-finished elements to mirror mass-produced objects, his work is both familiar and strange, precise yet handmade. In 2013 - 2014 Rigler undertook a six-month ceramics residency with the Victoria and Albert Museum and is now included in their public collection.

Want to see more of James' work? Head along in December for the Visual Art Scotland and Craft Scotland Ceramics Showcase

Colourful Concrete and Contemporary Sanquhar at Cove Park's Meet Your Maker

Innovation and experimentation were at the forefront of the Cove Park Meet Your Maker in October 2016. The event celebrating the inspiring practice of two Scottish designer/makers from their 2016 summer residency programme. 

Knitwear designer, Jennifer Kent specialises in cashmere and merino accessories for men. Her residency gave her the freedom to approach knitwear more experimentally and resulted in a contemporary Sanquhar pattern. Andy Campbell is a co-founder and director of Dress for the Weather, an architecture and art practice delivering projects which respond strongly to their context. Andy was Cove Park’s first ever architecture resident. He used his residency to explore the use of concrete as a decorative surface at St Peter's Seminary in Cardross and experimenting with pigment and surface finishes in his own concrete works. 

Weaving Randomness and Architectural Jewellery at the National Museum of Scotland's Meet Your Maker

To mark the opening of the National Museum of Scotland's new Art, Design and Fashion galleries, they hosted a Craft Scotland Meet Your Maker the weekend of 12 and 13 November 2016. As part of Meet Your Maker, weaver Cally Booker showcased her current work on randomness. Visitors had the chance to look at her notebooks and development samples which illustrate the design process, along with the ‘tools’ of randomness which range from traditional dice to smartphone apps.

Jeweller Ruth Laird introduced visitors to what a jeweller’s bench looks like – and displayed the main tools she uses in her work (riveting hammer, parallel pliers, miter jig). Visitors had the chance to learn how traditional hand techniques go into creating her unique, contemporary pieces. Visitors got to watch Ruth work and get an insider’s look at some of her techniques, from making 3D shapes from drawings to exploring surface finishes and riveting techniques using metal. 

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