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Scotland: Craft & Design pavilion - Talks

Scotland: Craft & Design pavilion - Naomi Mcintosh

The Scotland: Craft & Design pavilion, presented by Craft Scotland & Emergents, launches at London Design Fair on Thursday 22 September 2016

Working in partnership, Craft Scotland and Emergents have created this pavilion to present the very best in contemporary Scottish craft and design. 22 designer/makers from across Scotland were selected by an industry panel to take part in this prestigious showcase. Visitors will be able to see exceptional work that covers a broad range of techniques and demonstrates the breadth and quality of the sector. Want to visit? You can book your tickets now.

During the show you can come along and hear a series of mini makers’ talks, there will be time for questions afterwards. We’ve paired makers who exhibit similar themes in their work together, so you can learn more about their inspiration and delve into their design process. 

Juli Bolanos-Durman and Choi Keeyrong Scotland: Craft & Design pavilion

Image credit: Shannon Tofts (right)

2pm – 3pm Thursday 22 September

Migration: Catapulting exchange and innovative thinking

Juli Bolaños-Durman and Choi Keeryong will be in conversation with Jo Scott, Craft Scotland Project Manager. You can glimpse into their innovative practise and influences. Originally from Costa Rica and South Korea, respectively, both came to Scotland to study at the Edinburgh College of Art and chose to stay and set up their business. They will touch on why Scotland is such a great incubator for makers and how it allows them to flourish.

Scotland: Craft & Design pavilion - Juli Bolanos Durman

Image credit: Shannon Tofts

1pm - 2pm Friday 23 September

A New Scottish Craft Vernacular - Scotland: Craft & Design Debate

What is the Scottish creative identity? Our debate will explore a new vernacular for Scotland’s thriving creative scene. The panel will consider how Scotland, from its rich heritage, cultivates a pioneering spirit, innovative approach and creates cutting-edge designs.

Chair: Dr Juliette MacDonald Panel: Grant McCaig, Gunnar Groves-Raines, Natalie Melton, Remo Pedreschi

Scotland: Craft & Design pavilion - Naomi Mcintosh and Jennifer Gray

2pm – 3pm Saturday 24 September

Jennifer Gray in conversation with Naomi Mcintosh

Come meet designers and makers Jennifer and Naomi. Both have a multidisciplinary approach to making; Naomi has an architectural background whilst Jennifer trained as a silversmith. They apply their skills and technical knowledge to produce new and innovative work. 

Scotland: Craft & Design pavilion - Morag Macpherson and Joanna Kessel

Image credit: Kim Ayres (right) and Michael Wolchover (left)

2pm – 3pm Sunday 25 September

Joanna Kessel in conversation with & Morag Macpherson

You can hear Joanna and Morag discuss the intricacies of creating patterns and colour compositions. Joanna works in mosaics and Morag in textiles, both have a keen eye for colour and texture. Joanna works intuitively, exploring juxtapositions and visual qualities of light, materials and colour, often inspired by natural and manmade environments. Morag's patterns are digitally printed, allowing her complete freedom of colour expression and no limitations, which she finds liberating. 


Find the Scotland: Craft & Design pavilion at London Design Fair

Old Truman Brewery, 27 Hanbury Street, London, E1 6QR


Trade Buyers (Register) - Thursday 22 to Friday 23 September

Public (50% off Tickets) - Saturday 24 to Sunday 25 September


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