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Ian and Elizabeth Hird - The Kelso Pottery
Ian and Elizabeth Hird - The Kelso Pottery

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The Kelso Pottery was set up in 1970 by Ian and Elizabeth Hird to create a range of simple, practical stoneware pottery.

Ian's range of domestic-ware includes mugs, jugs, bowls, plates, vases and baking dishes. Intended for everyday use they are smooth of surface, hardwaring and richly decorated with impressions of the ever changing colours and light of the Border landscape.

Elizabeth's work combines throwing and hand-building techniques to create animals, birds and figures. She has a speciality of models of buildings and welcomes commissions.

Pit-Fired Wares (Time Tablets):- In the last few years Ian has been developing a completely different range of decorative pieces. He has studied the way the various firing techniques used in Japan, Korea, Portugal and Crete affects the surfaces of pottery and in 1988 designed an outdoor pit-kiln. Designs are pressed into the clay, then filled in with various local clays. Before firing each piece is wrapped in straw, oats or barley then placed in the kiln. The unpredictable effects of the firing makes each piece unique.

Studio shop open Tuesday to Saturday - 10am to 1pm, 2pm to 5pm.
All pottery pieces only sold in Kelso Studio.

Year Established: November 1970

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Ian and Elizabeth Hird - The Kelso Pottery
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  • Address: The Knowes
    TD5 7BH
  • Region: Scottish Borders
  • Telephone: 01573 224 027
Ian and Elizabeth Hird - The Kelso Pottery
Ian and Elizabeth Hird - The Kelso Pottery

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