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Kate Pickering
Kate Pickering

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My work is an inspirational, modern take on traditional lockets, in the sense that each piece holds a memory and each memory is connected with music and lyrics. A lyric can provoke many emotions and memories and my jewellery is a physical translation of this. Music creates different bonds; friendships, loves, times and places. Music is a constant reminder of that person or place or time .The pieces I have designed and made create a physical connection to an emotional bond the wearer has with both music and lyrics.

I have interpreted a traditional piece of symbolic jewellery in a modern way to design and create individual and unique pieces of contemporary jewellery. For each piece I have used a range of materials and techniques, in particular silver and resin with photo etching to create the lyrics. The contents of the vials (glass lockets) are designed to be very specific, personal pieces.

Each piece can be designed and made as unique as your memory or image and each locket and its contents are personal to the client. Commissions are made on a personal one to one basis so we can work together and create the perfect piece for you or for that person who shares the memory.

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Kate Pickering
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Kate Pickering
Kate Pickering

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