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The concept for Object Company arose from a desire to learn traditional woodworking skills, and to apply these in a practical and design-led manner.
Each piece of wood has been grown in Scotland, and sourced through sustainable organisations.
Longevity, durability, design and sustainability are key focus areas, and they will continue to inform and improve the project over time.
Each piece is shaped, carved, sanded and finished by hand. Every item is unique, allowing for creative freedom and an ability to respond appropriately to the often-gnarly Scottish timber. This lack of restriction has also allowed for a heightened enjoyment of the tools and materials used.
Our practice is currently centered on homewares and accessories. We hope to be able to experiment with larger scale projects such as furniture in the New Year.
Catherine received a BA (Hons) in Drawing and Painting from The Edinburgh College of Art in 2010. This time allowed for an experimental and considered approach to materials, form and colour. The process of hand making canvas stretchers was a gateway into the wood workshop, and instilled a desire to understand how to work with such a natural, unpredictable material, successfully. Her training has allowed for a distinctive approach to woodworking that is displayed through her experimentation and appreciation of colour, shape and texture. Catherine is completely self-taught and has consequently developed some unorthodox techniques and approaches.
Object Company is based in Mount Florida Studios. Catherine runs the studios and gallery, as well as working within the space. She worked from home for almost a year before finally finding the workshop.
Claire joined the OC team in April 2016, as our workshop assistant. She has been integral in our ability to keep up with the overwhelming demand we’ve experienced over the past two years.

Year Established: 2014

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