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  • Kirsty Stewart Jewellery

    Kirsty Stewart is a jewellery designer maker based in the Vanilla Ink studios in Dundee. Her work is influenced by the Scottish countryside. She accepts commissions and repairs, and also sells online and in some galleries and boutiques. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

  • Krzysztof Borkowski - Borkowski Jewellery

    Krzysztof Borkowski - Borkowski Jewellery

    Christopher Borkowski is an experienced artist-silversmith and jewellery designer. He has shown in solo and group shows internationally. Christopher executes his simple, yet elegant forms in variety of metals, combined with precious stones and other materials. He works mainly in silver and combines it with various precious and semi precious materials to create contemporary and unique designs.

  • Kyley Campbell

    Kyley Campbell

    Kyley graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in 2005 and is currently based in Perth.

    Shells and other natural forms inspire Kyley's work. Using piercing and photo-etching techniques on flat sheet metal she translates these forms into abstract and intriguing designs.

    Working predominantly in silver she often injects colour into her designs by incorporating hand dyed anodised aluminium and various stones, creating sophisticated organic forms in a wide range of jewellery.



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  • Kym Kinnison Jewellery Designer

    Kym Kinnison Jewellery Designer

    Kym Kinnison Jewellery is a unique collection of handcrafted pieces combining tradional silversmithing techniques and found objects.

  • L. MacLeod - Violet Fusion

    L. MacLeod - Violet Fusion

    Hand crafted, individually made, high quality, stunning, unique, fair trade jewellery and gifts. I use sterling silver, semi precious gemstones, clay and the best glass seed beads money can buy. Traditional techniques used such as Native American, African and Victorian. I will also do commission pieces. My website is:

  • Lauracet Cowan

    Lauracet Cowan

    Lauracet's work is based on the communications within relationships she has experienced and the way in which those involved acted within these partnerships. Lauracet documents the change of feelings and turns them into memories for the wearer. Jewellery they can sympathize with.

  • Lauren Wethers

    Lauren Wethers' jewellery explores the arrangement of different surfaces and abstract forms and experiments with overlapping wrapping and layering. Using techniques including roll printing, saw piercing, etching, embossing and stone setting, to add to the composition of a piece.

  • Leah Black

    Leah Black

    Leah Black is a self employed jeweller and silversmith based in Glasgow.

    Black's work is concept led and highlights her intrigue for mementos and monuments and is based on the relationship between object, memory and forgetting, "The objects we cherish or create to remember, often end up being forgotten, and its here that I find my inspiration. Possibly once very precious to someone or maybe never cherished at all, I make small, wearable still lives of these forgotten objects. The tiny brass objects I turn on a lathe are sometimes copied from my drawings, or happen naturally. Drawing is an important part of my process and my jewellery has that same spontaneity and energy. The rings and the monuments are pierced from flat sheet, the boxes are irregular, and the claw settings for the boxes, objects and stones are organic, as if, like dust, moss or weeds, they have grown over time".

  • Lee du Preez - Designer Jewellery

    Lee du Preez - Designer Jewellery

    I design and make striking, sophisticated jewellery using precious metals (silver and gold) and unusual gem stones. My pieces are all handmade, with care. I do not repeat designs so the wearer will have a unique piece of jewellery.



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  • Leigh M Fotheringham

    Leigh M Fotheringham

    Designer Jewellery by Leigh Fotheringham. Unique, handmade designer jewellery hand crafted in Scotland in silver, gold, gemstones and pearls. Her unique and innovative jewellery is contemporary in design and features unusual gemstones and coloured pearls. The designs are contemporary and unusual yet still retain a classic, timeless feel. Leigh makes each one-off piece entirely by hand using the highest quality precious materials and traditional goldsmithing techniques. Her range includes silver and gold rings, in particular her renowned stacking ring sets, necklaces, earrings and bracelets in silver and gold and stunning gemstone and pearl statement neckpieces.



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