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Julia Smith Ceramics
Julia Smith Ceramics

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I studied ceramics at Glasgow School of Art and worked on public and community art projects for several years.

I moved to the Highlands in 2009 to set up my pottery studio. I sell my work online internationally and supply galleries throughout the UK.

I throw and hand-build simple forms with earthy red or lava-like black earthenware clay. I develop my own subtle glazes which change colour on edges and where they pool. In contrast to the muted glazes , intricate hand drawn transfers are fired in to the glazed surfaces.

My work is about contrasts and balance; a combination of raw and refined finishes, traditional and industrial processes and creating unique handmade pieces for everyday use.

Year Established: 2002


Royal Highland Show 2011 Craft Exhibitions Award
Hi-Arts Makers Award 2013

Julia Smith Ceramics
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Julia Smith Ceramics
Julia Smith Ceramics

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