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Lara Scobie
Lara Scobie

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The work is predominantly concerned with the dynamic interplay between form and pattern. And this is explored through the cohesive integration of drawing, surface mark making and volume. The simple, considered forms are constructed from soft slabs of clay, with delicate rims and edges. The off-centre ellipses of the individual forms echo line drawings and decoration applied to the painted surfaces.

Surface patterns and colour observed in botanical life enable me to explore my love of colour and abstract pattern making. And the bowl presents a timeless quality in its immediacy of the form and its universal standing. Throughout the development of my work I have endeavoured to explore the relationship within grouped bowls and the stand-alone vessel.

The work is hand built using a variety of construction techniques that include slab building, coiling and press moulding. The forms are paddled and scraped when leather hard, to refine the final shape and finished surface. Layers of fine Porcelain slip are applied to the surface before painting patterns of coloured slip. Incised surface marks and drawn lines further enhance the finished piece. The work is fired in an electric kiln to 1250c and after hand polished with diamond pads and finished with wax polish.

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Lara Scobie
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Lara Scobie
Lara Scobie

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