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Grainne Morton
Grainne Morton

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The found objects I use in my work are, in the main, the inspiration for my work.

Collecting objects from the obscure to the miniature, found and fabricated are the starting point for most designs.

These objects - vintage buttons, ephemera and vintage cabochons become the narrative form for my jewellery and are collaged and collaged together by arrangement and rearrangement until all the objects connect with each other in order to create lively, colourful spontaneous stories. In most of my designs I aspire to evoke a feeling of nostalgia.

I consciously work in a miniature scale, using a diverse range of materials in order to create attention so that the onlooker has to become more involved with the piece, hopefully sparking memory and thought as well as making them smile.

Collections include earrings, necklaces, brooches and bracelets all made by hand using traditional jewellery techniques in a contemporary way. Their narrative form allowing them to work as standalone objects perhaps for the wall as well as being wearable.

Jerwood Applied Arts Prize
Selection for Origin London
Scottish Arts Council Development Grant
Selected for Crafts Council Photostore
Graduate Edinburgh College of Art
Exhibited with gallery at Collect
Exhibited with gallery at SOFA

Year Established: February 1995

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Grainne Morton
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Grainne Morton
Grainne Morton

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