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Aubin Stewart - Aubeebop Jewellery
Aubin Stewart - Aubeebop Jewellery

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Aubeebop Jewellery is the work of Aubin Stewart, jewellery maker, designer and tutor practising from her studio workshop in Aberdeen. Designs are created using a mixture of precious with non-precious materials.
With a strong focus pearls, they feature heavily in most of her work and is always looking for new ways to include them in my designs. Traditional silver-smithing techniques are employed along with digital laser printing methods on materials such as wood and acrylic to create surface textures and repeat patterns. Her design process is experimental, playful and similar to that of a collage making process. She creates and collects hundreds of components, textures and shapes from which only a few are chosen to make a unique piece. Her aim is to create an essence of preciousness and quality regardless of the value of the material used.

Year Established: April 2008


William Armstrong Prize
Strathearn Gallery Price
Aberdeen Craft Makers Award 2010
Aberden Craft Makers Award 2015
Meet Your Maker 2015

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Aubin Stewart - Aubeebop Jewellery
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Aubin Stewart - Aubeebop Jewellery
Aubin Stewart - Aubeebop Jewellery

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