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Misun Won
Misun Won

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The unique compositional arrangements of Korean patchwork have always fascinated me. As I researched the background of Korean patchwork I discovered all sorts of interesting associations and links to my own work. The compositions are based on nature, and I have also been able to relate these to fractal geometry.

To convey the idea of Korean patchwork I have used fabric embedded in resin, fabric roll printed onto silver and thread as a connecting device. I chose a circle for my basic pattern as it is a more efficient geometrical figure and lends itself more to the three dimensional forms that interest me. I also wanted to make an association to the idea of wrapping as this was the essential function Korean patchwork.

I have used the rhythmical structures to develop a variety of complex forms on their own or in combination with other materials to make a subtle and varied collection of jewellery. I have also developed some functional and symbolic containers using the ‘patchwork’ of circles to form supporting, light reflective and playful rhythmical structures. I try to build a structure from one sheet of silver using basic techniques such as sawing, bending and soldering.

Year Established: October 2009

Misun Won
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Misun Won
Misun Won

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