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Jane Harrison
Jane Harrison

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My garden has been the source of many of my memories and is where I feel most at home. This place, which is of great sentimental value to me, has become the inspiration for my designs.
Photographs and simple drawings are the basis of my work. I enjoy creating narratives through my collages that can then be translated into jewellery.
Through experimentation with materials such as porcelain and techniques like enamelling I am able to embrace the painterly feel of my drawings, which makes the pieces unique to me.
Being able to tell the story of my garden through my jewellery is extremely important to me, which makes the pieces very sentimental, but the wearer is also able to discover their own narratives and is not confined to the one that I have created.

Year Established: 2012


BA(Hons) Silversmithing and Jewellery Design-Glasgow School of Art 2012
Goldsmiths Bullion Award-2012
Graduate in Residence- Precious Metals Workshop 2012-2013

Jane Harrison
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Jane Harrison
Jane Harrison

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