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Designed With Pleasure by Line Mortensen
Designed With Pleasure by Line Mortensen

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With a background in Landscape Architecture and big scale construction Line has always had a true passion for materials, textures and colours.

In her mosaic work she makes a point of working intuitively taking inspiration from the possibilities of the materials at hand. The colour scheme varies from earthy to bright colours but it is confident and no matter the colours Line's work is always recognisable by being original, contemporary, abstract and very often textured.

The materials used is a mix of various glass tiles, Italian Smalti, French ceramic tiles, semiprecious stones, slate and Scottish sea glass.

Line's mosaic work is one-off pieces and consists of smaller solid wall pieces and Multi-Mosaics which is a collection of mini-mosaics set in a frame.

Line originally came by the idea of making mini-mosaic when playing around with scraps but this soon developed into Multi-Mosaics a flexible and contemporary mosaic concept in its own right. The frames used for the Multi-Mosaics are custom made of solid wood and has an antireflective glass cover to ensure the best possible presentation of the mosaics.

Making mosaics is a time consuming process which does make this pieces exclusive and relatively few in numbers.

Year Established: 2012

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Designed With Pleasure by Line Mortensen
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Designed With Pleasure by Line Mortensen
Designed With Pleasure by Line Mortensen

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