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Art Mosaic by Line Mortensen
Art Mosaic by Line Mortensen

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Line Mortensen’s educational background is a MSc. in Landscape Architecture with a specialisation in golf course design and big scale construction. Before becoming a full time artist Line ran her on golf design business for more than a decade as well as spending a few years as a course coordinator and lecture at Edinburgh College of Art. Line might be academically achieved but also genuinely creative in both theoretic and practical terms.

In her work Line draws on her architectural background, construction experiences and Scandinavian heritage. Her creative endeavourer goes beyond Mosaic’s but in Mosaic she found an art form which suits her true passion for design as well as materials and good craftsmanship.

Line’s work is recognisable by being original, contemporary, textured and abstract. Her take on mosaic comes from within and is based on an appreciation of materials and their potential as creative components. Line uses a wide range of materials often in more ways than one - however it is the contrast she creates between textures and colours which really sets her work apart.

Rather “selfish” Line chooses to use the materials and colours she prefers which includes both new and reclaimed materials such as glass tiles, Italian Smalti, French ceramic tiles, semiprecious stones, reclaimed slate and Scottish sea glass. In her work she aims to crate something which is “beautiful”, well made and will leave room for individual interpretation. The experience of her work is therefore a visual attractiveness as well as an emotional engagement ensuring work of long lasting interest to the owner of her pieces.

Line’s mosaics are all one-off pieces which require rather a lot of preparation and time in the making. Her work mainly consists of wall pieces either smaller solid unframed mosaics or larger installations. Due to the time involved Line does not have a huge “production” which is why most of her work is sold though exhibitions and fairs though some pieces can be purchased though her website - where details about the events she will be attending can also be found.

Year Established: 2012


2013 selected to display work at the Craft Scotland’s Summer Show in Edinburgh.
2014 showing with Craft Scotland in both London and Edinburgh.
2014 As one of only 10 UK based mosaic artists selected to exhibit in France at the Museum of Beaux Arts, cloister of Notre Dame in Chartres.

Art Mosaic by Line Mortensen
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Art Mosaic by Line Mortensen
Art Mosaic by Line Mortensen

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