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Scarlett Cohen French | Jewellery
Scarlett Cohen French | Jewellery

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Scarlett Cohen French graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2012 with a First class honours degree in jewellery design. She stayed on for one year as artist in residence, teaching one day a week and developing her practice. Since then, Scarlett continues to develop her beautiful and unusual pieces from her studio in Glasgow.
Her work is primarily based around research into visual aspects of scientific chaos. This stemmed from a fascination with the eerie beauty and mystery of fractal geometry, which led her to experiment and look into ways of formulating her own visual chaos. She did this by experimenting with visual feedback loops. This is iteration that takes place when a video camera is pointed at its own monitor. When the camera is nudged and manipulated the screen quickly overloads in to a form of chaos revealing itself as beautiful complex infinite structures of undulating, ever-changing pattern and form.
Photography and experimental film work play a key role in the aesthetics of her pieces. Spontaneous color, steady movement and growth of pattern and form are the main factors considered during the design process.
She specializes in experimental forms of expressive enameling. She uses enamel to add spontaneous sections of color to her work. She describes her work as traditional styles and details juxtaposed with expressive, bright enameling.

Year Established: 2012


Goldsmiths 'Craft and design awards' commendation 2013
'Guild of enameler' graduate bursary 2012
'British society of enamelers' graduate bursary 2012

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Scarlett Cohen French | Jewellery
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Scarlett Cohen French | Jewellery
Scarlett Cohen French | Jewellery

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