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Choi Keeryong
Choi Keeryong

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My aim for creating a body of work utilising glass and porcelain is to explore how the ambiguity in individuals' cultural interpretation can be expressed in my creative practice. My artistic approach to the subject of cross-cultural experience in glass art is inspired by my personal experiences in foreign cultures. I believe that the notion of authenticity is much depended on individuals' understanding of other cultures. The authenticity often helps individuals to create an image of fantasy.
My intentions to create the Oriental ginger jar looking images with blown glass and parts from English manufactured ceramics is to provoke the ambiguity in individuals' cultural understandings. Developing inlaid coloring technique inspired by the ancient Korean "Saggam" pottery technique allows me to explore the subject of ambiguity by delineating geometric patterns and pseudo Korean letters onto my glass artworks.
Technical Note
Material-Blown glass, Ceramic parts from English manufactured teapots
Technique-Blowing, Inlaid colouring technique, artist developed technique in PhD research inspired by ancient Korean "Saggam" pottery technique and supervised by Dr. Ray Flavell

Year Established: 2007


2014 April 'Spectrum' The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh UK
2013 April 'Hot glass! New Work from furnace' Exhibition in CAA in London UK
2008 Aug Glass Biennale 2008, Ruskin Glass Centre LTD, Stourbridge UK

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Choi Keeryong
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Choi Keeryong
Choi Keeryong

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