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Jo Pudelko Jewellery
Jo Pudelko Jewellery

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I am a material led designer/maker and a compulsive collector of ‘stuff’. My work consists of mixed media jewellery and small scale sculptural objects with the occasional accompanying screen print. I make work for exhibition and sale from a ramshackle caravan parked at the foot of the beautiful Ochil hills.
I frequently work with found objects and much of my work stems from a personal interest in the amount of waste generated by modern society, particularly how we fail to take advantage of the resources and inspiration offered by everyday objects. I am fascinated by the way we interact with consumer goods, many of them very deliberately designed to be used a few times and then thrown away.
Drawing inspiration from items destined for the landfill and working with a range of materials such as resin and precious metals I want my pieces to provoke a discussion about what we consider to be disposable and what is precious to us. The aesthetic of my work evokes a subtle sense of familiarity or an ‘echo’ that is derived from the objects I have collected and then carefully selected to include. The resulting pieces are unique and thought provoking as they seek to combine seemingly contradictory qualities; they are past and present, junk and treasure all at the same time.

I graduated from ECA in 2006 and completed a postgraduate diploma in 2007.

Year Established: 2006


2015 Visual Artists Award and Craft Makers Award 2009 Scottish Arts Council Professional Development Grant 2008 Artist Residency, Edinburgh College of Art

Jo Pudelko Jewellery
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Jo Pudelko Jewellery
Jo Pudelko Jewellery

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