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Tocofashion is traditional millinery designer for everybody who needs a hat for special occasions and others.

Award winning milliner - Toshiko Cave ( Short for "Toco" ) designs and makes your dream hat for any occasions.
Bespoke order is simply make an appointment, via email or phone call, Bring your image what you would like to have your hat associate with..example, dress, accessories, shoes,or theme...even for traditional outfit like Kimono
Please allow 4-6 weeks advance for your event or when you need your hat.

Looking forward seeing you, soon!!

Toco's background.....

Studied at Art work in Chyuou Art labo 1987-89.
Studied at Visual Design Labo in Tokyo 1990.
Studied at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo 1990-1993.
Studied at Kensignton and Chelsea College in London 1995 - 1997.

Worked at Philip Treacy 1997-1998.
Gilly Forge 1999
Siggi hat 2000

Toco's Fashion show.....

Alternative Fashion Week in Lonodon 1998,1999,2000.
Hat, headpieces and outfit collections.
Flower artist and Dance company collaboration 2012
Mito contemporary art museum
Bold fashion at Hummingbird in Glasgow 2014
Fashion15 at The Caves in Edinburgh 2015
Metropolitan fashion show in Edinburgh 2015
#GNI Wedding fashion show in Edinburgh 2016
Eris event fashion show in Glasgow 2016

Year Established: 2013


Catwalk in Alternative Fashion Week in London in 1998, 1999, 2000( hats and some dress ).
1st prize Worshipful Feltmakers Hat competition in 1997.
Finalist of Henessey cogniac Horse Race Millinery competition1996,7.
Finalist of BBC Clothes Show Hat competition 1996
Department popup 2012 @ Odakyu-department store in Tokyo/Japan as Toshiko Cave millinery
Collaboration work 2012 @ Mito Contemporary Art Museum/Japan
Catwalk in March 2014 in Glasgow @ Hummingbirds
Catwalk in April 2015 in Edinburgh @ The Caves "Modern Classic Hats and Dresses by Tocofashion"
Catwalk in August 2015 in Edinburgh@ No. 8 Lister with Metropolitan fashion show. Showing Hats and Dress designed made by Toco.
Pop up at the Scottish Driving Carriage event 2015,2016.

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