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Natalie J Wood
Natalie J Wood

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As a designer/maker Natalie is inspired by everyday culture of use. Focusing on functional objects that play into our lives on a daily basis. Natalie specialises in ceramics bringing in an aspect of new technologies such as laser cutting and 3D printing. Examining the place of craft in contemporary society. Natalie's current work explores her understanding of these two opposing processes. The separation between the physical and the digital is something Natalie is always balancing. Natalie's vision for the future of her own craft is to create minimal, beautiful objects that enrich our simple interactions with them. All the work Natalie creates is batch-produced in small numbers. Keeping the quality of the handmade.

Year Established: 2015


Andrew Matheson award for ceramics (2015)
Design in action award for commercial potential (2015)

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Natalie J Wood
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Natalie J Wood
Natalie J Wood

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