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Kate Colin
Kate Colin

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Kate Colin works with paper to create handmade sculptural lighting. She is interested in variations of light, colour and geometric form and uses a range of intricate paper folding techniques to explore how they interact with one another.

Fascinated by how the slightest variation of angle or fold can completely alter the final structural form, her practice is an experimental process and constantly evolving. Every piece is unique and when illuminated, the appearance of each is radically transformed: folds, creases and angles become emphasised while an intensity of colour is brilliantly revealed.

Year Established: 2015


January 2016: Hothouuse 2016 programme
Sep 2016: London Design Fair - Tent
June 2016: One Year On, New Designers
Dec 2015: Solo show 'Colour and Light' The Lighthouse, Glasogw
Ongoing: Devising a series of paper folding workshop which I teach in schools and other venues across Scotland.

Kate Colin
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Kate Colin
Kate Colin

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