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Texture and a close connection to the physical land of its origin are important elements of Patricia Shone's work. These are achieved using combinations of hand building and throwing and with slips, glazes and firing techniques. Some materials are gleaned from the land.
The work is influenced by the powerful landscape of the Isle of Skye. There is a sense of being completely immersed in landscape with little middle ground on which to focus between the immense hills and the close up detail; jewel-like colours of mosses and lichens, the absolute darkness of a peat bank. These elements, of monumental mass and close detail, which texture her work are a result of living on the island.
"I like to take a stone in my hands to feel the form and weight of the mountain in it. The inherent textures of clay as it is stretched and pushed reflect the textures in the hills - the surfaces constantly changing by forces of climate and human intervention, but the substance always the same. We scratch it by our presence here and traces of the past are drawn all over the landscape, standing briefly, as monuments to the communities who worked the land."
Patricia's work has developed in response to a feeling of connection with past inhabitants whilst walking old, eroding paths and tracks. Combining visual and physical elements of the landscape with the innately human need for containers and vessels. It is what makes her describe herself as a potter rather than a sculptor.
Visitors are welcome at the studio on the Isle of Skye. Please telephone for directions.


Selected member Craft Potters Association

craft&design Selected Gold Award 2012: ceramics

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Patricia Shone
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Patricia Shone
Patricia Shone

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