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Evgeniia Balashova Jewellery
Evgeniia Balashova Jewellery

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The origins of Evgeniia’s work come from clinical, yet diverse environment of office spaces and objects that fill them. By exploring the repetitive features found in stationery, computer hardware, architectural and interior layouts of offices, she creates elements that are formed into a grid and morphed into a distorted, more organic shape to represent the organised chaos nature of a typical office environment. The colour palette used in Evgeniia's work – soft, pastel, and at times neutral – are the typical colours used in office spaces. Cube is one of the most common shapes used in the work – it comes from the study of an office cubicle, perfectly arranged personal work environment for an office employee.
The focus of the work lays in the exploration of repetition, movement and manipulation of grids in combination with reiteration of geometrical form. The pieces are created using a wide spectrum of making techniques, such as 3d printing, CNC milling and hand manufacturing. Evgeniia’s work is an ongoing exploration of process and materials and an attempt to find a careful balance between man and machine.


September 2013 – June 2016
Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK
Jewellery and Silversmithing BA(HONS)

September 2012 – June 2013
Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK
International Foundation Programme

September 2007 – May 2011
Murmansk Art School, Russia

September 2012 –May 2013
Giovanni Capelli photography


February 2017 (upcoming) – Artistar Jewels 2017, Palazzo Giureconsulti di Milano, Milan, Italy

December 2016 - January 12017 - ’Shine 2016’, Goldsmiths Centre, London, UK

December 2016 – Visual Arts Scotland Graduate Showcase, FLY 2016, Edinburgh, UK

July – August 2016 – Graduate Showcase, Mission Gallery, Swansea, UK

July 2016 – New Designers, Business Design Centre, London, UK

June 2016 – Undergraduate Degree Show, The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK

Professional Practice
January 2017 - 'Getting Started' business course at the Goldsmiths Centre, London, UK
June 2015 – August 2015 – summer apprenticeship with silversmith Hamish Dobbie

Year Established: 2016


August 2016 – Recommended for Talente 2017 in Munich by Professor Norman Cherry

July 2016 – ‘Talent Spotted’ from the Goldsmiths Centre at New Designers 2016, London, UK

Evgeniia Balashova Jewellery
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Evgeniia Balashova Jewellery
Evgeniia Balashova Jewellery

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