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Madeleine trained in women's tailoring and pattern cutting in her home country of Sweden. She first fell in love with the Hebrides on a trip to source organic tweed from the Isle of Mull in 2005. Two years later she came to live there, to become a weaver in the same mill, working heritage machinery to create a premium product, specialising in the beautiful but often overlooked wool types of native breeds. Following a successful apprenticeship, she was appointed head weaver / production manager, delighted to be able to build on and contribute to the mill's strengths for four more years.

In 2013 she was presented with the rare opportunity to take part in the restoration and recommissioning of a carding and spinning operation on the island of Grimsay in the Outer Hebrides. Uist Wool, set up as a community benefit society, had secured funding for this ambitious project, which after three years of restoration work, training and preparation, is ready to launch its artisan produce to the wider world.

At the same time, Madeleine has been working on her own creative practice, building on her background in pattern cutting, her deep understanding of wool as her raw material, and her admiration for fully-fashioned knitwear - where she simultaneously gets to create the structure of the fabric, its surface pattern or texture, and the three-dimensional aspect of a garment.

In a counter-movement to fast fashion, Madeleine wants to create less, but create well and with integrity. Her approach is to release only a handful of well-considered pieces once a year, as part of a collection that is continually growing and evolving.

Working under the Verisimilitude moniker from her Benbecula studio, she develops and fully prototypes her collections before engaging a Scottish Borders manufacturer to replicate the work on a suitable scale to supply independent retailers. Always striving to make the best ethical and environmental choices, she is committed to using British manufacture from start to finish.

Year Established: 2015

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