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HAME is a design and manufacture company, everything we sell is designed and handmade in our workshop in central Scotland. Our process is led by curiosity and experimentation. Our work aims to combine traditional hand skills with modern manufacturing technologies in new and interesting ways to produce high quality, beautiful and useful objects. We make things that we like, and aim to create objects that have a quiet and honest character, and that celebrate the nature of their base materials. Our approach makes every object that leaves our workshop unique. Just as no one tree is exactly the same as another, no piece of HAME furniture is exactly the same as another.

Our range is available for purchase through our website at, and at selected retailers across the country.

We offer a bespoke design & manufacture service to private and commercial clients alike. We have worked on a huge variety of bespoke projects, from private fine furniture commissions, to transforming a rusty old horsebox into a travelling piano bar. More information on our bespoke service can be found on our website.

HAME was founded in 2016 by product designer, Lewis Macleod. Lewis was building things from a young age, starting with makeshift skate ramps, and leading onto guitars, musical equipment and home accessories. It was while studying in Oslo, and learning the Scandinavian design idea that a designer must spend time working closely with a material to truly understand it, that he decided to someday start a craft-based business.

Year Established: 2016

HAME Furniture
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HAME Furniture
HAME Furniture

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