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Andrea Walsh
Andrea Walsh

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Personal Statement

Andrea Walsh is an artist based in Edinburgh. She studied fine art before completing a masters degree in glass at ECA, and set up her studio in 2005. Andrea's work is an exploration of the box and vessel form, using a range of materials including ceramics, glass and metal, to create exquisitely crafted, timeless and unique pieces. Her research continues, developing a body of work that is increasingly refined, and is attracting critical acclaim from curators and academics. Andrea exhibits throughout the UK and internationally, and her work is included in private and public collections worldwide, these include the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and National Museums Scotland in Edinburgh.

I am fascinated by materials, by their inherent characteristics and symbolism, together with the historical associations and familiarity that they signify. My practice has focused on ceramics and glass over the past ten years, creating box and vessel forms which explore and celebrate the qualities that these ancient and alchemic materials share, including their clarity, purity and translucency. More recently I have introduced related materials within my practice including metal which has brought a new dimension in terms of finish, form and weight to the objects that I make, and accentuated the overall concept of the work.

Exploring ideas of containment, materiality, preciousness and value through considered, tactile objects, I am interested to intrigue the viewer and encourage a spontaneous interaction with my work. I seek to make pieces that embrace investigation, and by working on an intimate scale some themes akin with jewellery prevail, such as to hold, contemplate and cherish.

Each piece is individually made, and contributes to a collection of works.

Year Established: 2005


Professional Experience

2014-15 Injection Programme, Crafts Council (Sponsored by Craft Scotland)
2013-14 Edinburgh College of Art - Artist in Residence
2010 University of Sunderland - AA2A Residency
2009 British Ceramics Biennial - Artist Into Industry Residency
2007 Cove Park, Argyll & Bute, Scotland - International Crafts Residency

Selected Awards and Funding

2015 Open Project Funding, Creative Scotland
2013 Artist’s Bursary, Creative Scotland
2011 Inches Carr Trust Craft Bursary
Nominated for the Arts Foundation Prize - Ceramics
2010 Craft Maker Awards, City of Edinburgh Council
Material Sponsorship, Bullseye Glass Company, USA
2009 Professional Development Award, Scottish Arts Council
2008 Creative Development Award, Scottish Arts Council
2007 Edinburgh Visual Arts and Crafts Award
2006 Professional Development Award, Scottish Arts Council
2005 Start-Up Award, Scottish Arts Council
2004 Professional Development Award, Scottish Arts Council
2001 Andrew Grant Bequest Travel Scholarship, Edinburgh College of Art
2000 Headley Trust Award, Edinburgh College of Art

Public Collections

2015 Victoria & Albert Museum, London
2014 National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh
2012 Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Andrea Walsh
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Andrea Walsh
Andrea Walsh

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