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Mark Rogers
Mark Rogers

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Dichroic glass is a revolutionary product consisting of multiple layers of vapourised quartz crystals and metal oxides. The character of the glass is to reflect light from various angles. This play of light, together with its vibrant colour adds great appeal to the kiln fired jewellery I produce.

Having worked as a stained glass artist for six years, I now design and make a range of fused dichroic glass jewellery. Using my background skills in stained glass, I produce many unique "constructed" pieces. Some pendants consist of as many as fifteen different cuts of glass, arranged in multiple layers before firing. The dichroic content is especially high, producing striking results. My aim is to combine the various colours and patterns of glass to make both "hot" and "cool" pieces to suit different moods.

My work is available from an ever increasing range of galleries and gift shops throughout the U.K. Outlets include galleries as far apart as Cornwall and The Highlands.

Year Established: 1999

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Mark Rogers
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Mark Rogers
Mark Rogers

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