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Katharina Vones
Katharina Vones

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My body of work draws its influences from nature, more specifically the deep sea environment and its cycles of growth, maturity and decay. While I have harboured a fascination for the deep sea environment for many years, this interest was consolidated during a recent trip to Japan. My work reflects these sources of inspiration through the use of brightly coloured silicone shapes, which are reminiscent of deep sea creatures in both texture and transparency and are embossed with delicate surface patterns.

Recently I have been particularly interested in exploring ways to combine these silicone shapes with delicate metalwork, especially wire structures and finely textured sheet metal, to create unique, flamboyant pieces of jewellery, which humorously explore notions of preciousness and value. The resulting contrast between clean, simple wire and sheet metal structures and delicate, vibrantly coloured and textured rubber shapes is a defining aspect of my work. The traditional function of jewellery as bodily adornment is extended as these creations also represent artistic objects in their own right, and are intended for display when not worn.

I also construct light objects from vacuum formed PVC shapes adorned with custom dyed nylon and silicone shapes, which are similarly inspired by the deep sea environment. By bringing together these different materials I hope to develop an aesthetic which does not merely emulate nature, but instead aims to mutate the artificial into the natural.

Year Established: 2006

Katharina Vones
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Katharina Vones
Katharina Vones

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