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Season Henderson
Season Henderson

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Universal themes intrigue me, I am fascinated by archetypes, symbolism and consciousness, how we develop as individuals, our identity and how it, like the ever changing world around us, can be fluid, influenced by our perceptions;amorphous. Eerie impressions of wings, flight, air and water reccur within my work, interwoven with words and organic shapes. I adore the versatility of glass, it's ability to be hard, brittle, sharp or rounded, smooth and subtle. I am enthused by it's functionality and it's beauty. Combining the glass with metals or paints then sandblasting or acid etching details onto the surface allows me to create a multilayered, textured effect. I use copper and slate combined with the traditional materials used in the making of stained glass panels to make 3 dimensional pieces, leads become sculptural and sinuous and glass takes flight. My work and my choice of medium reflects my perception of the cyclical nature of the world, exploring the symbiotic beauty of light and shadow. The constant growth and yet simultaneous disintegration of nature and ourselves.
I make work for gallery exhibition and also work to commission ranging from small items of personal jewellery to window design and installation.

Season Henderson
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Season Henderson
Season Henderson

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