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Nicola Turnbull
Nicola Turnbull

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Nicola Turnbull makes delicate geometric jewellery and occasionally larger works in silversmithing; her distinctive style is informed by scientific patterns and organic structures. Many of her pieces move and consist of articulating concentric curved shapes. Her designs have a linear aesthetic, like three-dimensional drawings. Her most notable works are her oval ring designs which can be rotated when off the body but remain static when worn.

Nicola has been creating jewellery in her Edinburgh workshop since 2009. She completed a residency at Bishopsland postgraduate training course in July 2009, following her degree in Three Dimensional Design at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen 2007.

Year Established: 2008


2015 Inches Carr Award for Jewellers and Silversmiths
2014 Awarded the Edinburgh Craft Maker Award
2013 Exhibited at Selected at the Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh
2013 Awarded Inch Carr Award for Silversmiths by Visual Arts Scotland
2012 Awarded the British Silver Week, Cookson's Bursary
2010 Awarded The Collect Development Bursary by Craftscotland
2010 Set up the Freedom Matters Jewellery Workshop for disadvantaged women in Kathmandu, Nepal
2009 Exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
2009 Awarded:Silver 2D CAD Design section of the Craftsmanship and Design Awards
2009 Awarded the Silversmiths Bullion Grant by the Goldsmiths Company

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Nicola Turnbull
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Nicola Turnbull
Nicola Turnbull

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