Rosalyn Cluness Thompson - Hjaltasteyn
Rosalyn Cluness Thompson - Hjaltasteyn

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Hjaltasteyn was established in 1968 in Whiteness, Shetland. Shetland is a remote group of islands in the North Sea situated as far from Shetland as from Norway and the Faroe Islands. The Shetland Isles are steeped in history - with Viking and Pictish settlements still being discovered and explored at present.

In 1990 the business was bought by local artist Rosalyn Thompson and production was relocated to her studio in Weisdale. With her artistic background, Rosalyn has expanded the business and now produces a stunning range of hand-finished gold and silver jewellery. Each item is individually designed and finished by Rosalyn, who finds her inspiration from Ancient Viking Sagas, Celtic and Pictish folklore and modern Scandinavian minimalism.

The range of work includes necklaces, earrings, bangles, bracelets, brooches and cufflinks. They sell primarily from their website and own shop but welcome enquiries from retailers and corporate jewellery pieces. Our family run business is dedicated to quality and service.

Year Established: April 1968

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Rosalyn Cluness Thompson - Hjaltasteyn
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Rosalyn Cluness Thompson - Hjaltasteyn
Rosalyn Cluness Thompson - Hjaltasteyn

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  • davi mash  31/12/2013 01:35

    When I asked my friend were she bought her necklace she told me there is a special place in Weisdale, this place is well known for the silver jewelry you can find here. Usually I buy rings from Delight Beads and I think I will stick to that, it is too expensive for me to travel till Shetland to buy jewels.

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