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Consuelo Radclyffe - Once upon a time
Consuelo Radclyffe - Once upon a time
18/05/2012 15/06/2012  09:30 - 17:30
Roger Billcliffe Gallery, 134 Blythswood Street, Glasgow G2 4EL
0141 332 4027

Consuelo Radclyffe’s "Once upon a time "; is an exhibition of ceramic figurative sculptures.

Her exhibition theme is special moments, a mixture of dreams and real times. 

Radclyffe often ‘houses’ her sculptures thoughtfully, like staging a film set, always with a strong narrative. Her figures are set on seats, cages, or upon swings. The contrast between the emotional honesty of these works and the whimsical inclusion of the fripperies of childhood, such as kites, rocking horses, bikes, swings and skipping ropes, creates strange and intriguing, interesting pieces. 

Consuelo Radclyffe was born in Brazil and has been living in London since 1981. She graduated from Westminster University, having specialised in sculptural ceramics. Her figures, with their carefully observed childish expressions, express a narrative of the profound childhood cravings for a sense of ownership and belonging, and of the pain of experiencing rejections, exclusions and rivalries.

Radclyffe’s ‘girls’ and accompanying creatures are arresting, with strong, expressive faces, alongside beautifully detailed features and her handmade clothing expresses each character’s individuality. Radclyff'e's intense attention to detail makes her work irresistible to collectors. 

Her construction methods are intuitive and mostly employ hand building methods. She fires the clay material to 1120, using white earths tone  crank and terracotta 'paper clay, also nycrome wire. Paper  for clothing, hand-painted with stains and glazes, she also uses recycled found materials.

Opening Hours 

Monday to Friday - 9.30am to 5.30pm

Saturday - 10am to 1pm

Sunday - Closed

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