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Meet Your Maker at Welcome Home
Meet Your Maker at Welcome Home
18/03/2017 18/03/2017  11:00 - 18:00
Welcome Home, CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

Welcome Home will run a series of six Meet Your Maker events, each coinciding with a month-long exhibition and intervention by a selection of makers and designers.

Freya Alder

The Event:

Using the Welcome Home window space in CCA Glasgow, each month there will be a new project in the window space – with makers Soizig Carey, Sally Hackett, Object Company, Kate Colin, Fun Makes Good and Freya Alder.

A mix of talks, demonstrations of skills and work along with workshops where you can learn a new technique or develop your skills, each event will be unique to the maker.

On Saturday 18 March Freya Alder will be displaying large-scale brass brooches from her degree show in Welcome Home's window, for the last Meet Your Maker event in this series. Her work has been travelling to exhibitions across the country since degree show ended in spring 2016 and will be coming home for a final hurrah.

Within the shop, you can see Freya’s more recent work. Watch her work at her 'travel bench' and see some basic tools and processes involved in making. Take a look at her previous experiments, research material and drawings. 

Work by Freya Alder

Previously, on Saturday 29 October 2016 was jeweller Soizig Carey. Soizig set up shop alongside her exhibition in Welcome Home, becoming a resident jeweller for a day. She looked at geometric principles used in both traditional and contemporary craft work, and showed additional sketchbook development and research. New pieces designed and carved on the day by Soizig were be cast in bronze and available to win from Welcome Home.

Work by Soizig Carey

On Saturday 19 November 2016, Catherine Johnston from Object Company showed you the breadth of different activities involved in her practice: from collecting wood to carving and finishing. 

On the day, you could see a selection of the different woods that Catherine uses regularly, and learnt more about tree species in Scotland. She showed you where you can sustainably source wood, and how to identify trees from their leaf shapes. Some of the tools Catherine uses in her practice were available for examination, and you could try out different wood treatments on a variety of timbers to see how each treatment affects the wood.

Work by Object Company

On Saturday 10 December, ceramicist Sally Hackett invited visitors to engage in a physical dialogue of making when she set up in Welcome Home for the day. Visitors adopted the pareidolia state of mind (a psychological habit of seeing imagery and faces in inanimate objects and a habit Sally strongly identifies with in her practice) and transformed ready-made abstract forms into something new. Sally offered an insider’s look at her creative thought process. Visitors could see how she uses her techniques to turn the ceramicist’s tradition of perfection on its head; painting, mosaicking and transforming discarded ‘imperfect’ pieces of ceramic into new artworks. 

Work by Sally Hackett

On Saturday 28 January 2017, paper artist Kate Colin introduced you to the craft of paper folding, demonstrating a range of folding techniques of varying degrees of difficulty. She made a Juniper shade (which is an adaptation of a traditional origami design), and demonstrated how she incorporates stitching into her work. Visitors could see how a flat piece of paper can be manipulated into incredible three-dimensional forms using a few simple folds. They were invited to try the technique themselves, and take a look at Kate’s development process to see how she collects inspiration for her design process.

Kate Colin

On Saturday 25 February visitors could join textile artist Eleanor Young of Fun Makes Good for a drop-in freeform contemporary patchwork workshop. There was the opportunity to have a go yourself: use templates, cut and sew together shapes from fabric and add them to the growing wall panel. Plus, you could see a selection of Eleanor’s work-in-progress and completed work, a range of applications for finished designs, as well as demonstrations of how the design evolves from initial sketch or collage through to construction using methods such as pattern cutting, using templates and freeform patchwork.

The Makers:

Freya Alder

Freya Alder is a designer, maker and jeweller based in Glasgow. Her work tends to be informal, relatively un-precious and always a bit playful. She recently graduated from the design school at the Glasgow School of Art specialising in silversmithing and jewellery and now enjoys making work under her own steam for a selection of small shops and galleries.

Eleanor Young

Fun Makes Good (Eleanor Young) produce bold and bright homeware and large-scale pieces for commercial spaces with a specialism in contemporary patchwork. Their distinctive designs playfully combine pattern with striking colour and texture, taking inspiration from a wide range of sources.

Kate Colin

Kate Colin is a designer/maker based in Glasgow, working with paper to create handmade sculptural lighting. Her unique designs use intricate scoring and paper folding techniques. Every shade is stitched, scored and folded entirely by hand and made from FSC certified, acid-free Fabriano Tiziano paper. 

Sally Hackett

Sally Hackett creates playful ceramic forms in a primal and visceral style. Unconventional artefacts of modern day human behaviour are produced, always retaining an element of humour, from ceramic OK magazines to monumental functioning fountains.

Object Company

Object Company creates simple wooden homewares and accessories. Each piece is unique to allow for creative freedom and an ability to respond appropriately to the materials. All wood is grown in Scotland and sourced through sustainable organisations.

Soizig Carey

Soizig Carey is a designer/maker producing contemporary jewellery and objects. Soizig’s work is influenced by narratives, architecture and graphics. Using casting and etching processes, Soizig applies imagery to precious metal forms which can be worn or serve as meaningful objects.

The Venue:

Welcome Home

Welcome Home provides a showcase and creative retail space for craft, design and illustration, nestled in the foyer of the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) in Glasgow. Focused on making design and craft accessible to all, it provides an evolving space for new designers and members of the public to create, learn, and educate with a programme of workshops and events as well as the retail platform. 

Meet Your Maker at Welcome Home will run on one Saturday for six months, the next and final event is 11am to 6pm on Saturday 18 March 2017.

For more information about the Craft Scotland Meet Your Maker project, please visit our dedicated pages>> 

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