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Scottish Jewellery Week: Meet Your Maker
Scottish Jewellery Week: Meet Your Maker
27/05/2016 28/05/2016  10:00 - 17:00
West Ward Works, Guthrie St, Dundee DD1 5BR

For Scottish Jewellery Week 2016 (running alongside the first international Dundee Design Festival) jeweller Islay Spalding will set up studio as the festival’s resident ‘Live Jeweller’. Meet the maker: get involved in her process and find out how she goes from inspiration to final piece.

The Venue: West Ward Works was home not only to the printing and binding of DC Thomson titles for over 60 years, but also to the transport department, accommodating fleets of cars and lorries in the basement. In 2010, West Ward Works was closed after more than half a century of magazine and book production. From 25 to 28 May 2016, the former industrial building will play host to a range of designers, businesses and design collectives for the Dundee Design Festival; including being the site of Scottish Jewellery Week.

West Ward Works

The Maker: Islay Spalding is a jewellery designer/maker based in Dundee. She aims to create unique pieces that are unusual and distinctive, yet practical and pleasing to wear. Islay believes in quality craftsmanship and meaningful design, specialising in bespoke commissions for kilt pins, contemporary jewellery and silver highlandwear accessories. She also maintains an evolving collection of unique jewellery in silver and resin, originally inspired by surrealist and abstract art. This collection allows her to explore colour, form and techniques that can then be used to help create her bespoke work.

Islay Spalding

The event: West Ward Works will play host to Dundee’s first international Design Festival in May 2016. Running as part of Dundee Design Festival is Scottish Jewellery Week: the biennial festival responding to and celebrating the Scottish Jewellery Industry.

Jeweller Islay Spalding will set up a studio within West Ward, taking up residence as Scottish Jewellery Week’s ‘Live Jeweller’. Islay will open up her process so you can gaze upon a working jeweller; learning about what has inspired her, how she designs and finally how she creates.

Her inspiration for the piece is the building and the event. She will narrow her inspirations by sketching the most exciting elements. Sketches will develop into a few ideas, which will be offered to you for opinions on the designs: a collaborative experience.

Once the chosen design is finalised Islay will display her workings, and start making the piece. You are encouraged to ask questions and interact with the work; Islay is there to provide commentary for each stage. Get involved: pick up elements, touch and feel the materials in their raw states.

The finished piece will be auctioned at the end of the Design Festival. Half the proceeds raised will be donated to local charity, Cash for Kids.

Scottish Jewellery Week ran for ten days across Dundee in 2014 and attracted almost 1,000 visitors to the city. This year the event is part of the first international Dundee Design Festival, a four-day celebration of design, marking the city’s first full year as the UK’s UNESCO City of Design. The festival will showcase design from Dundee, Scotland and internationally, through a large exhibition, talks, demonstrations and workshops.

Pieces by Islay Spalding

Islay will be in residence at West Ward Works from 10am to 5pm on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 May 2016. The Dundee Design Festival will run from Wednesday 25 to Saturday 28 May.

You can find out more about our Meet Your Maker project on our dedicated pages>>

Scottish Jewellery Week    Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design

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